Koulibaly has a point to improve in his Chelsea career

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Former Napoli boss Rafael Benitez has said that Kalidou Koulibaly has a point to improve in his Chelsea career, but believes it will go well.

         The 31-year-old centre-back has agreed a £34million move to the Blues, joining up with ufabet team-mates in the United States that Benitez, who previously worked together, is confident he can go. Good, but there are some things that need to be improved as well.

         “He plays as a central defender in Java and left. In a back-four or three-center system,” Benitez told The Athletic, “with us he also plays at right-back in the back four. He’s a versatile defender. He’s quick and good at intercepting.”

         “This season will be playing in the Premier League for him. And he might fit the way Thomas Tuchel wants to play. He’s similar to Antonio Rudiger, he goes on the ball very well. Plays well with both feet.”

         “Will he be too soft? We’ll see how it goes at Chelsea, as I said. In Italy, he does well because he has speed. But I suspect it will be more difficult here.”

         “Air duels are not his greatest strength. But in Italy it is somewhat less important that he does well. It will be interesting to see improvements in playing in the Premier League. But he is always eager to learn. And he spends time with me and the staff after training to improve his technique.”

         “He needs to improve his concentration sometimes. He may have trouble focusing and being overconfident. But he was so influential at Napoli that people I know and believe tell me he is the best defender in Italy at the moment.