What kind of headache can be caused.

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Suffering is something that is difficult to avoid. No one has ever suffered. When we feel stressed because of suffering or there is something uncomfortable What inevitably follows is that the physical conditions at work change. Symptoms that often follow stress And it’s a symptom that everyone must have experienced: a headache. When this happens, it may affect your daily life and may lead to absenteeism from school. or can be absent from work

Protecting yourself from headaches

Headaches are often caused by stress. When we’re stressed, we can’t sleep. and not getting enough rest The best way to protect yourself is Getting enough sleep Trying to be too stressed Avoid factors that induce stress such as dieting, lack of sleep, etc. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Headache is a common symptom because it can occur at any age. Just taking care of your physical health is not enough. Because we have to take care of our own mental health to be bright. Reduce stress In order not to ask for headaches

What kind of headache do you have

Sinus headache (SINUS)
Headache due to nasal infection. There is a lingering pain. The forehead, inner corners of the eyes, cheekbones, and around the eye sockets This is because the nasal cavity is infected and mucus cannot flow out. Some people experience pain when bending their head or changing positions.

Tension headache.
The headache looks like it is being pressed, squeezed, or strained on both sides of the head. Symptoms often begin at the back of the neck. Fractured to both temples Then the whole head ached. There may also be tenderness and pain on the scalp. The pain usually lasts 30 minutes or more and is often seen in people who are stressed, angry, or tired.

Cluster headaches
are severe headaches that occur only around the eye, eye socket, or temple. Feeling a burning sensation in the forehead, which is often accompanied by other symptoms such as tears flowing, the affected eye being red, a stuffy nose, ringing in the ears, and drooping eyelids due to brain abnormalities. The patient will experience a series of headaches. Symptoms may last from several days to several weeks.

Migraine headache (Migraine)
throbbing headache. Can be on one side or both sides. The pain often lasts for hours or days. There may be nausea and vomiting. Can’t fight light or sound. Some people may have symptoms that precede the headache. It is often seen as a flash of light. or can’t see the picture clearly.

Headache treatment

  • Taking medicine The doctor will consider the patient’s symptoms. If the patient has a headache caused by a migraine, the doctor will prescribe medication to relieve the pain. If a patient has cluster headaches, antipsychotics are prescribed. and anti-seizure medication as well
  • This treatment method is suitable for patients who have mobility problems. To reduce muscle tension, such as meditation, massage therapy, etc.