Why doesn’t the wasabi we eat use real wasabi

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Wasabi is a plant in the Brassicaceae family, like cabbage, turnips, radishes, and mustard. It is a tuber with an uneven surface and green trunk. It grows well in water. In the past, wasabi was not used to eat. Japanese food only But it is recorded in old writings which states that Wasabi is a medicinal plant. During the Eo period In the late 1800s, wasabi began to be used as a preservative. To prevent the fish from spoiling, when it came to the Taisho period or the beginning of the 20th century, wasabi was ground. into the powder that we know and are familiar with today.

In fact, wasabi plants are not spicy. But what makes us feel spicy to the point of tears comes from the oil and vapor. Again, the wasabi we saw Whether it’s a tube or powder, those wasabi are not genuine because real wasabi has limitations in that if scraped, it cannot be stored for a long time. Because just scrape and leave it behind. Wasabi taste It will get worse and worse, but it doesn’t mean that real wasabi won’t be sold at all. We can still find food, but we have to eat it. Japanese restaurant Only at various restaurants. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

For placing sabi that is commonly sold, it is wasabi that has been imitated. Using horse radish, which has a taste and color that is very similar to real wasabi, but may have a lighter color and a smoother texture. Friends may choose wasabi. Sabi that contains real wasabi, by noting the word. 

Mix Hong Wasabi because the word Hong Wasabi (本わさび) or Nama Wasabi (生わさび) means real wasabi.

The reason why Japanese people eat sushi with wasabi is because of the special properties of wasabi that have a pungent odor and a strong taste. By the pungent and tingling taste It will help remove the fishy smell of all types of seafood. There are many different toppings of sushi made from seafood. Whether it is salmon sushi, saba sushi, scallop sushi, tuna sushi, sea urchin sushi, etc. In addition, the smell and taste of wasabi It can also help bring out the sweet taste and freshness of the ingredients better.

The correct way to eat wasabi with sushi like a Japanese person. This can be done by placing a little wasabi on top of the sushi. Then use chopsticks to lift the sushi so that one side is rice. The other side is meat. Then dip it in soy sauce to add umami flavor. Poke the side that has the meat touching the soy sauce. Do not mix soy sauce with wasabi and eat the whole sushi. By bringing the fish or other meat side towards the tongue because you will get the full taste of deliciousness.