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Why doesn’t the wasabi we eat use real wasabi

Wasabi is a plant in the Brassicaceae family, like cabbage, turnips, radishes, and mustard. It is a tuber with an uneven surface and green trunk. It grows well in water. In the past, wasabi was not used to eat. Japanese food only But it is

Gingivitis Oral diseases that are common

Gingivitis is another symptom within the mouth that should not be overlook. Because this is a symptom that can occur at any age. And it is a warning sign that your gums are not healthy. This makes you more likely to lose your teeth. If

Easily beautiful With fashionable high heels

 Most women tend to have high heels. Because high heels when worn can also enhance your personality and make you look more beautiful and outstanding as well. And high heels are also shoes that can be worn to match a variety of clothes. Whether it’s jeans Shorts,

What kind of headache can be caused.

Suffering is something that is difficult to avoid. No one has ever suffered. When we feel stressed because of suffering or there is something uncomfortable What inevitably follows is that the physical conditions at work change. Symptoms that often follow stress And it’s a symptom